Bay Area Window Cleaning

High Quality Professional Window Cleaning

Miracle Window Cleaning and Matt Baker have provided high quality professional window cleaning and exterior property maintenance for over 20 years in the Bay Area. His company, Miracle Window Cleaning, specializes in servicing low and mid rise buildings and lofts (properties that are from 3 thru 15 stories tall).

Extensive Experience

Miracle Window Cleaning has extensive experience in construction window cleaning, installing bird deterrents, rain gutter clearing, hanging and installing signs and a host of other services. Being well versed in our industry allows us the most competitive prices.

An Excellent Choice

Those having received our guaranteed services would agree with our claim of being 'uniquely-equipped to clean tall buildings.' Miracle Window Cleaning maintains the newest, safest, and most efficient tools, techniques, and precautions available. Our knowledge, expertise, and pricing will always make Miracle Window Cleaning an excellent choice for your window cleaning and maintenance needs.